Show 219…Education, Faith & ex-Amish: Brenda Nixon


Brenda Nixon is joining me again this week on my show where I dispel the stereotype of homeschoolers! Brenda has been a fellow host here on Toginet radio with The Parents’ Plate, where she blended practical parenting tips with child development. She is an unusual and popular keynote speaker at events and workshops in more than 10 states.

Today her family has taken on a different dynamic with the inclusion of ex-Amish teenagers whom she has adopted. She is now known as the “Mom to the Ex-Amish” with a son-in-law, 2 adopted sons, and relationships with those who’ve left the most insular Swartzentruber Amish order. Today I am bringing you part two of our conversation about the Amish culture not found on TV or in fiction books. Brenda’s blog, Beyond Buggies and Bonnets, has 70,000 readers world wide! She’s writing a book about the struggles of Amish to assimilate to the “forbidden” English world, and about the life they left.

Today we are going to be talking about education, jobs and faith for those young people who have left their closed communities to join the English world of America. Grab yourself a cuppa and join us on Friday at 12 noon Central.

Listen Live on Friday May 2nd at 12 noon CT

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