Show 216…The Edventure Project: Jennifer Miller



Jennifer Miller is back with me on The Sociable Homeschooler this week, to further support my philosophy that there is no stereotyping of this movement called homeschooling!

Jennifer and her husband, Tony, with their four children, have taken a pause from their open ended tour of the world and are in New Hampshire until the end of May when they are all taking off on multiple adventures before reconvening for an Alaskan Cruise.  If you know the Millers like I know the Millers, this will indeed be a change…for a week.  I have no doubts that life aboard a floating hotel will be embraced by the whole family as yet another slice of experience to add to the uncommon childhood Jennifer and Tony are bequeathing their children.

Pop over to to discover how the Millers have spent the last many years in uninterrupted travel choosing to invest most of their time and money in memories that keep, instead of cars, clothes, knick-knacks and noisy toys, that rust or gather dust.  Jennifer and her lifestyle will razzle and dazzle you and you’ll want to virtually, if not actually, join the family adventure wherever it takes them.  Jennifer and Tony want their children to be able to dream big, do hard things, work like crazy, serve with their whole hearts and not be afraid to fall flat on their faces in the attempt of the seemingly impossible.

Today we are going to be talking about how Jennifer is adapting to the changes occurring in her life and how she is encouraging her children forward in this last phase of childhood rather than holding onto them tightly.

Join us this week with a cup of tea and meet my Radio friend who over the course of time has dropped everything she’s doing to talk to me and inspire all of us on our journey as homeschoolers and parents.

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