Show 137…Savvy Homeschool Moms: Tina Smith & Beckie Tetrault
Tina Smith
I have two guests this week, Tina Smith and her friend Beckie Tetrault both eclectic homeschoolers somewhere smack in the middle of the continuum between unschooling and school-at-home! Beckie found she is more productive when she is busy after careful observation of her three children proved to her that boredom breeds chaos! She laughs when she is mistaken as an organised and patient type claiming to be the most dis-organised, impatient, insane person she knows. Her friend, Tina, is excruciatingly distractible, schedules are a burden to her since she is regularly dreaming up great ideas for cool new things to do that would not fit into her timetable…if she had one that is! Tina admits to thinking big and successfully inveigled Beckie into co-hosting her brain child, Savvy Homeschool Moms, a weekly podcast where they help others along the homeschooling journey. Between them they have established a faithful following of listeners and are taking time out of their hectic day to talk to me about their show. Put the coffee down, these ladies are all you’ll need to get you motivated and energised this Friday.



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2012-10-07 03:10:57 Reply

Thanks for making this available to us. I think I lean more toward Tina. 🙂

Jackie, who is semi unschooling her daughter all the way to college.
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