Show 249… A Complete Change of Pace: Gretchen Roe


I am welcoming to my show this week my friend and regular guest, Gretchen Roe.  Since it’s that time of year we are going to be talking about the upcoming holidays and what life looks like for her now that she and her family (at least some of them) have moved.

If you remember from our last conversation on April 18th, Good Friday, Gretchen was preparing for lots of changes in her life.  She and her husband, Pat, and two of their six children, moved from Maryland, where they lived for 20 years, to Western North Carolina where Gretchen and Pat grew up.

We will be hearing about the 3 acre farmstead they now live on, the upcoming acquisition of livestock, clearing land and having bonfires.  We will also talk about education and the seamless transition from Calvert to public school for her two sons, aged 8 and 15.  Gretchen says she no longer has a say so in their education but they are loving every minute with their new friends and teachers.

Homeschooling may not last forever and Gretchen’s experience will encourage some of you who may find yourselves in a similar situation.  Bring your coffee or tea and join us this Friday at noon for an uplifting look at life and the celebration of Thanksgiving.








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