Show 217…Dying to Self: Gretchen Roe


This is Good Friday and true to form on this Solemn High Holiday I am taking you on a walk towards Calvary and beyond.

Gretchen Roe, my friend for many years, is joining me on The Sociable Homeschooler, where I bust the stereotype of homeschooling, and together we are going to be looking at our lives through the eyes of God and exploring ways in which we can relate our day to day to the Cross of Redemption.

Gretchen has some exciting news, both personal and professional, about her life recently and she will be sharing it with us on Friday.  Together we will be talking about the real meaning of surrender and how it plays out in our busy families.  We will reflect on our Saviour’s selfless example when He died for our sins and compare faith stories that can help us through the most trying of days when homeschooling seems to get lost in the world of change.

Of course we will also be rejoicing over the resurrection and sharing Easter customs and traditions so come along on Friday at 12 noon Central and join Gretchen and me as we celebrate life with the Risen Lord.

Listen on Good Friday, April 18th, on Toginet Radio at 12 noon Central.


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