Show 136…Rock Your WooHoo: Lisa Steadman
Lisa Steadman
WooHoo Radio is the brain child of my guest this week, Lisa Steadman, best selling relationship author and internationally acclaimed speaker who can lead you step by step from rock bottom to rock star so you can awaken your WooHoo Within. Now what does all this have to do with homeschooling you may ask? Well, as I delved into Lisa’s life I discovered that we have so much in common it’s uncanny. This shouldn’t be a surprise because as women we all face the same stereotypes, it’s how we deal with them that makes us unique. Lisa brings with her a contagious zest for life, a remarkable passion for people, a compassionate spirit, and a proven track record of turning Boohoo!s into Woohoo!s. She is going to share with us the how to’s of transforming any obstacle or challenge in life into lessons learned. We can benefit from that can’t we? Lisa broke up with Corporate America (just as I did) and her worthless boyfriend (I dumped DINKS) and built her own buzz worthy brand as The Breakup Expert, (Sociable Homeschooler), became an instant best seller with her book It’s a Breakup, Not A Breakdown (Close!) and met and married the love of her life (I was already married to mine!). Join us on Friday to uncover the common threads we all share as women and how we can use them to shape our lives and awaken our unique WooHoo Within! Cup of tea anyone?




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