Show 193…Pitching a Temporary Tent in Seoul: Aadel Bussinger



This week my military homeschooling Mum, Aadel Bussinger, is returning as my guest. The last time we spoke Aadel was all set to pitch her temporary tent in Seoul, South Korea, where her husband is deployed.   Today we are going to be talking about her move, with her three children, by herself, with a little bit of help from her military friends.   Aadel has been married to her career army man for twelve years and they have three children whom they unschool while moving at the army’s whim! She has a personal blog, These Temporary Tents, writes for Natural Family Day and owns Homeschool Commons where she shares free public domain sources for all who want to partake.  You won’t want to miss Aadel talking about living in a culture completely different to America’s as she and her husband choose to live off base in Seoul.

I’m going to be talking about how I said goodbye to my homeland and odd announcements on the public transport.  I’m sipping coffee, refraining from a biscuit and really wish you could be here, but you’re listening so that’s good too.  Let’s get started!


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