Show 154…These Temporary Tents: Aadel Bussinger
Finally I have a military homeschooling Mum as my guest this week. It has been three years and God’s timing is slow but perfect and not a little humourous. Aadel Bussinger answered my email with a “yes” after a mutual friend of ours recommended her to me. I scrolled down her “About” page and saw the top of a head of blue hair and wondered, “What’s my picture doing on this website?” Of course it wasn’t me! It was Aadel! I sent her a collage of me with my blue locks as a perfect introduction to myself. How many people in the world have bright blue highlights?! Aadel has been married to her career army man for twelve years and they have three children whom they unschool while moving at the army’s whim! She has a personal blog, writes for Natural Family Day and owns Homeschool Commons where she shares free public domain sources for all who want to partake. Today Aadel is going to talk to us about the whys and wherefores of homeschooling in the military and plug us into some valuable resources to make the whole experience do-able and wonderful with the added benefit of a healthy dose of chillaxing! Don’t miss Aadel this Friday and bring your tea, it will be fun!


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