Show 192… The Nomadic Life: Theodora Sutcliffe



My guest this week is fellow Brit Theodora Sutcliffe who describes herself as nomad, meaning she and her twelve-year-old son Zac, live anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere and have done so for three years!  They travel pretty much all the time after finishing their first year and realizing they couldn’t see the world in 12 short months!  Luckily Theodora is a writer which is totally portable and you can read what she writes about the apparent mundanity of leading a life less ordinary at  She sticks up photos of fabulous, crazy and just plain bizarre, places the  two of them have visited and rants about topics from politics to books, films to unschooling and the journey through motherhood.  Join me on Friday to share a moment of her shouty, screamy, hilarious and at times plain infuriating life.

But first I’ll be going on about the number of times I’ve said goodbye, packing and throwing stuff away and finding lightweight suitcases.  I am sipping tea with the last of the chocolate biscuits this week, I wish you could really join me in person!  Let’s get going shall we!

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