Show 198…In the Nica Time: Michael Patterson



I  have another graduated un/homeschooler on my show today, Michael Patterson, who will be talking to me from Central America.  Growing up Michael was involved with community service and earned the Eagle Scout Award, at 16 he traveled to Japan as an Exchange Student, on college campus he was a newspaper reporter.  He graduated from Texas State University, Magna Cum Laude  with a major in journalism and a minor in Anthropology/Archaelogy.  As an outgoing, social young man Michael parlayed his love of traveling, writing and talking to people, into serving with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.  You can find him blogging about his travels and chatting to me this Friday so bring your tea or coffee and come and hear what this young man has to say about being educated at home.

I’ll also be talking about Canterbury, Deep Purple, the final move, and some things digital.  I’m drinking sparkling water today since it is a wee bit hotter than it was in England and I need refreshing at this noon hour!   As all my postcards used to say, “I wish you were here,” but at least you can hear me spouting on while you sit comfortably.  Let’s begin shall we?


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