Show 195…American Royalty: Janie Scanlan


My guest today is Janie Scanlan homeschooling mother of six ranging in age from 13-26.  Janie lives in Gehring, Nebraska.  Janie’s husband, Mark, is a child and adult psychiatrist who leaves his job at the office.  Praise the Lord!  We are going to be talking about good old fashioned homeschooling, how we responded to our children’s bursts of independence, the roller coaster ride of raising teenagers especially when we’ve never done it before and the changing face of our homeschool as the years pass and we get older.  Janie is a first generation American whose children are growing into outstanding citizens as you will hear.  Tune in this Friday with your coffee and be prepared as we bust that stereotype!

I’ll be talking about the film set where we shivered, obedience, moving our Daughts in with her brother, and shifting furniture. I’m drinking a hot cup of tea with a chocolate chip cookie, a change from a biscuit and quite a different taste but still deliciously dunkable!   “I wish you were here,” is scribbled across my pad but at least you can hear my accent and pretend you’re in some lovely manor house across the pond for an hour.  Let’s get started shall we?


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