Show 111… A Walk From Atheism: Robert Velarde
Robert Velarde

It’s Good Friday and I talk about Lent, from Shrove Tuesday to today.

Our homeschooling family would strive to keep this period of time separate from the rest of the liturgical year.  Worship played an important part and our churches always provided many tools to add to our Lenten rule.

We would observe no-meat Fridays which meant giving up our weekly jaunt to Cici’s Pizza and other fast food restaurant treats.

We would endeavor to attend the weekly service of Stations of the Cross.

After the Triduum, 3 high holy days, Maundy Thursday, the last supper, Good Friday, the day of crucifixion and Holy Saturday, when new light is kindled, new members are baptized into the church and we rejoice in the resurrection.  What a lovely set of services to help us live in response to Jesus’ sacrifice for us all.

Then we would celebrate with an Easter party on Sunday.

Today, Good Friday, I have Robert Velarde, from the Wisdom of Pixar and Sonlight Curriculum, joining me and together we are going to reflect on the meaning of Lent, Holy Week and our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection.

Robert is going to be sharing his personal walk from Atheism to Christianity with us. By meditating on Christ’s redemption, particularly during this season of the church year, we all undergo renewal and personal change along our Christian walk, something we are called to do regularly.
We will have some Passion readings from the bible and hymn book, that are heard this week in church and in the end we will take a look at Easter for the modern man and what it means in the world today.
I look forward to you joining us this Friday for a hallowed hour to prepare us for the glory and Good News of Easter Sunday.
With cap and cup of tea in hand let’s remember who is Lord.

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