Show 105…The Wisdom of Pixar: Robert Velarde
                                                                   Robert Velarde
I have a fascinating guest this week, Robert Velarde, homeschooling father of four, curriculum creator with Sonlight and philosopher. Robert received his Master of Arts degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Denver Seminary. He has written, The Wisdom of Pixar, Conversations with C.S. Lewis, and The Heart of Narnia and most recently co-authored, with Sonlight founder Sarita Holzmann, a new high school curriculum called, What Good is Christianity? Robert, like many homeschooling dads, helps his wife in the education of his offspring by focusing on the moving and performing arts portions of their curriculum and I am certain they love the fact that he shares their unbounded enthusiasm for all films Pixar. Robert has very cleverly turned this labour of love into an exercise in the reconciliation between a Christian’s lifestyle and the world in which he finds himself today. It won’t take you many moments to discover that Robert is a vibrant, interesting man on fire for the Lord, so why not join us on Friday for a cup of tea and a chat?
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