Show 191…Discovering God’s Attributes: Joshua Williams



I always like to have graduated homeschoolers on my show and my guest this week is returning to talk about how his life has taken a change in direction since he was last with me. Joshua Williams is an English, lifelong homeschooler, the oldest son in a family of five boys and one girl. He has taught and worked with children, mainstream home-educated and disabled, in Britain and Italy helping them to build a strong foundation for their futures. Today Joshua is going to be telling us about the ways in which he wants to spend his life expressing creativity as a beautiful gift from and attribute of, God. He will share his journey of self-discovery and his plans for travelling in a camper van when he marries his fiancé next year. Bring a cuppa and join us on Friday to be inspired by this young man who has taken a path less travelled in order to pursue God’s will for his life.

I’m also going to be carrying on with my look at bringing the public school home, a play we’ve seen, Canterbury, and the problem of not talking to Daughts.

I’ve a mug of P.G Tips because I think winter’s hit!  I wish you were here with me but you’re not!  At least you can listen as I spout on while you sit comfortably.  So hang onto your hats!



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