Show 91…Not College? So What?: Jonathan & Linnea Lewis

Jonathan & Linnea Lewis are my guests today. They are newly weds and on fire to talk about what happened to them after the work at the kitchen table was done. As a couple they have an unusual combination of experience in the area of higher education and the work force. Linnea used Accelerated Distance Learning to earn a BA in 18 months for a fraction of the normal cost. She then went on to study for and sit her paralegal certification exams, all from the comfort of her own home with the help of her trusty computer. She does freelance graphic design from a home office and for something completely different, she has also taught piano. Jonathan launched into entrepreneurial endeavors very quickly after finishing high school skipping all forms of higher education completely. He helped start Home School Enrichment Magazine, a national Christian homeschooling magazine in America, about to enter its 10th year of publication. They are a feisty couple who are prepared to discuss the diversity of options open to non college bound graduates. They are living proof that homeschoolers don’t have to follow a specific path after high school just because everyone else is doing it. Their message in a nutshell? Carry on being different. Join us on Friday with an open mind and a warm heart and welcome this couple into your homes for an hour.



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