Show 79…Reel Live Homeschoolers: Ian McNeny & Shelby Cook

My guests this week are Ian McNeny and Shelby Cook, lifelong friends, creative minds and both products of homeschooling throughout most of their lives. They are going to talk to us about life as homeschoolers, the opportunities they were able to take advantage of because they weren’t chained to a school desk and the flexibility it afforded them once they were released from the basement. They both describe themselves as “all round creative guy[s]…” and they are. One pursuing film and post production work, the other a singer/songwriter with a talent for graphic design, they have both soldiered ahead in their respective fields and are well on the way to be successful in the industries their talents lend themselves to. They have also made several films including a Jedi Dispute Series in which they taught themselves the fine art of roto-scoping over 200,000 lightsaber effects, a James Bond film called Queen of the Canal, filmed on location in both America and England, and many film shorts that have been posted on YouTube. Growing up they met and spent countless hours volunteering and performing for a combined 40+ plays and musicals with the local theatres. One of them is my son, and the other has been around longer than Ian had been alive prior to meeting. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to the accounts of two reel live homeschoolers’ full and never boring life, this Friday. Plenty of laughs over a cup of tea!




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