Show 36…RV on the Road: Larry Farris


My Texan talked about his career at Daughts’ college.

I reflect on having friends and making do with my brother for company when I was young.

I discuss how I created my unique lifestyle and ask how does bullying affect us?

How difficult is it to get our homeschoolers into college? What tests do they have to pass? What hoops do we need to jump through? Will the high school years at home be more than we can take?

Join me with my guest, Larry Farris, while we talk about these time sensitive questions as our children reach that age when they really need to start looking to the future.

Larry and his wife homeschooled their three children while traveling around the States in their RV. Put on the kettle and come and have some of your concerns and questions answered before giving up and packing your children off to public high school.



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