Show 150…Less Class More Learning: Larry Farris
What does your twelfth grader need to know? It may be less than you think! Can you help your high schooler answer the questions, “Where are you trying to go and why?” While schooling at home how can less class mean more learning? Do you know the secret to making money? Listen in this week for the answers to these questions and more when Larry Farris joins me for an energising talk after the family, relaxing, chilling stress-free Christmas break! What better time than to look towards the future and help our children discern the path they will follow with the Lord. Larry and his wife homeschooled their three children while traveling around the States in their RV. Pop a pod in your Keurig, get a biscuit or two and come and enjoy, before you are tempted to pack your older children off to the public high school.


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