Show 83…The Ultimate Author: Debra Bell




Debra Bell used to be a public school teacher until she discovered John Holt! She went on to homechool her four children for eighteen years and they all grew up, went to college and got jobs! This week she is taking time out from her busy schedule to join me and talk about teen homeschoolers and the digital age. Debra speaks at the Apologia Live Retreats where she encourages homeschooling Mums. Since retiring from teaching at home she has been working towards her PhD in educational psychology. She is the author of those ultimate books, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, The Ultimate Guide to Homechooling Teens and most recently, The Ultimate Planning System from Apologia. She is involved in her local homeschool community and loves to share her expertise at conferences and seminars. Come and bask in Debra’s warmth and candor as she chats to me this Friday about college at home, equivalency tests and distance learning.



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