Show 73…Hey U.G.L.Y. : Betty Hoeffner


Hey Unique Gifted Lovable You is a non profit organization helping teens and tweens to discover their “inner cool” so that they can be who they are instead of who they think they need to be. I am blessed to be sharing a cuppa, once again, with Betty Hoeffner co-founder of this fabulous non-profit organization. Betty knows how tough it can be for teens to hold on to their self-esteem especially when faced with peer pressure, bullying and self-bullying. Betty was a bullied bully when she was a teen and knows what it’s like to hide behind a false persona. We’ll be talking about Cyber Bullying, a hot topic for all parents today, self bullying and bullying after school in the work place. Bullying is not an acceptable form of behaviour and the bullier needs help too. Listen to my show this Friday as Betty and I talk about how to recognize bullying, the reasons behind it and how to love ourselves so that we can love our neighbours. Get your tea and come along!



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