Show 171…How to Raise an Entrepreneur: Barbara Haislip
My guest this week is a contributing writer for the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business Report. Barbara Haislip covers a range of topics relevant to small business and start-ups, including public speaking and the bottom line, humor in sales pitches, how to write an effective business plan, money-saving tips, how to learn from your competitors and deriving inspiration from vacations. She holds a B.A. degree in English from Duke University and was a copy editor at The Wall Street Journal for over three decades, editing stories from the World, U.S. News, Money & Investing, and Marketplace sections of the newspaper. She is currently a copy editor at Barron’s magazine, a financial weekly and a teaching assistant at her local middle school. She and her husband have raised three boys who are employed and happy in their work, she caught my eye with this article about entrepreneurs so listen to what she has to say.  On the home front I’ll be talking about the demise of our fridge freezer, obedience, learning styles and blood tests so settle down and join me as I start my weekend off with a bang!
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