Show 138…The Wildman Experiment: Ian & Simon McNeny
                                                                          Ian McNeny
I am thrilled today that my brave sons, Ian and Simon McNeny, who lived in our house while my blue eyed cowboy and I were away in England for a year, have managed to happen away from their exciting lives to join me as my guests. It wasn’t until we returned to our home after 13 months that we became aware of The Wildman Experiment that had been taking place while we were away and I’m sure we’re in for a lively conversation. My oldest son, Ian, is a film maker here in Dallas where he is currently working on season 2 of the new series of Dallas, when not hobnobbing with the Ewings he freelances for a creative studio in Deep Ellum called Reel FX, where he has just edited a series of national commercials for Chuck E Cheese, look out for them over the holiday season. Ian also enjoys writing narrative screenplays and coming up with innovative ways to give old foods new tastes. Simon, is a Zoo Keeper at the Dallas Zoo where his special charges are the Okapi, part of the hoof stock. He enjoys giving talks and tours to families and loves the public. Simon is a rock climber and sometimes uses his talents to trim trees. He is sponsored by a climbing shoe company, Evolv, and a local flip flop company called Hari Mari. They have both been featured in their local community college magazine for their motivation to follow their dreams, graduate from college in less than four years and work in their fields thanks to homeschooling! Join me today and hear how the Wildman Experiment brought all of us together as we found out more about each other and how living apart could draw us closer!




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