Show 152…A Star Barista: Malia McNeny


My daughter, Malia McNeny, is returning this week to talk to me about the dream job that is helping her to achieve her dream career! Malia has just returned from a year in England where she finished off her formal training in the performance arts and is now embarking on the competitive and financially unstable phase of her future. Her clever choice of a job that will help foot the bill ensures that she will never be too far away from a pay check or a good cup of Joe. Ever since she was young she has wanted to work at the local coffee shop. The fact that we did not take the children out for something we could easily reproduce at home may have had something to do with her burning desire to one day work as a barista and blend, brew and sample to her heart’s desire. Join us today with your favourite cuppa to hear how Malia’s skills at making star coffees translates internationally and allows her to finance the pursuit of her career on stage no matter where she is in the world.



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