Show 114…The Boy Next Door: Jane Dolby
Jane Dolby
This week my guest is Jane Dolby who has a public relations business called Delicious PR. She has a background in music and psychology and quips that it didn’t take her long to discover she was better at promoting music than making it! She now helps emerging artists develop their profiles. We first met just over a year ago while I was visiting prospective digs with my student daughter in Leigh-on-Sea. Although I’d set up three places to visit she was the only person I connected with that afternoon despite several attempts to meet with the other landladies. God obviously had other plans! My daughter had said she would “know”whether she wanted to live in the house by its feel. A cheery, “do you want a cup of tea?” called from the kitchen to us standing at the open front door swept all her fears away! One year on and Jane has agreed to join me for another cup of tea and natter this afternoon when we are going to be talking about the dramatic turn her life took three years ago.


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