Show 116…How Are You Spending Your Language? Lisa Giruzzi
                                             Lisa Giruzzi
Did you know that everything happens through conversations? Nothing exists that didn’t live once as a thought? Assuming is the biggest barrier to effective communication? Exciting stuff for wordmongers like me! I am thrilled to welcome Lisa Giruzzi to my show today an expert in communications, not the technical stuff but the thoughts that pop out of our mouths, sometimes without permission! Lisa and I are going to spend our time together exploring ways to bring what she does with corporate executives into our homes, and look at the key elements necessary for family members to achieve their goals and create the life they want. She is the author of 31 Days to Transform Your Life, Bringing out the best in Your Employees: and co-author of the Amazon bestseller, 42 Rules for Creating WE. She is also a co-host of the television talk show, Real Conversations, and is a dynamic speaker captivating audiences with her powerful message at keynotes, presentations and workshops nationwide. Join me this week to discover ways to communicate with others in order to build what you want rather than go over things that can’t be changed.


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