Show 124…Exercise Your Parental Rights: Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster
My guest this week is with me to talk about a very sensitive question, “When does protecting our children become snooping?” Jennifer Foster has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Pittsburgh and is the founder of Secret Drug Test. She provides information, advice and comforting support to families of drug addicted children through her blog, website, and a series of videos focusing on various aspects of dealing with drug addiction and ways to take action through testing. Jennifer lost her brother to drugs which has made her determined to help others who find they are dealing with the crisis within their home. Her mission is to provide the tools necessary for families to regain control of their lives and be empowered to take action. I know you will find Jennifer’s handling of this topic compassionate as we discuss how parents can prepare themselves to face their own children or minister to others in our community who are suffering from this unwelcome demon. Join us on Friday for a cup of tea and a discussion that will help us understand what our children may be facing in the future and how to combat the threats that may arise.


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