Show 104…Love at First Sight: Larry McNeny
                                                                     Larry McNeny
This week I’m talking to my blue eyed cowboy who has agreed to join us for a cuppa. Larry McNeny shared the homescholing years with me whenever he wasn’t out on the road as a Tour Manager for any number of impressive bands. His glamourous life got the children’s interest a whole lot quicker than anything I was trying to do with them! “Did Ozzy really bite the head off a bat?” is a must know for young, impressionable teens and my cowboy spent many a happy hour regaling them with wild and exciting stories from his life. Today though we’re not going to be talking about his job, we’ve done that in a previous show called, Rock and Roll Savvy. What are we going to be talking about? Love of course! How we met and his secret to a long and successful marriage so snatch some kisses and tune in this Friday for a special Valentine’s show!
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