Show 159…Calvert: Global, Virtual & Hands On: Gretchen Roe


I am delighted that my dear on air friend, Gretchen Roe, is joining me again this week for another lively discussion about…well, you’ll have to tune in to find out!  Gretchen is Community Liaison for the Calvert School, presents Webinars for international homeschool audiences, conducts workshops at conferences around America and has used the Calvert Curriculum herself for the last 19 years.  Gretchen has six children and her favourite topic is about homeschooling not being purely school at home.  Calvert is a comprehensive curriculum that can be started any time during the year and with advisory teachers on staff you can educate your children on your own but not alone.  Join me to discover a curriculum that is Global, Virtual and Hands On.


I’ve already had my elevensies, fruit and sparkling water today, while you weren’t listening, and I’m all set for an hour to dedicate just to you, so grab whatever it is you’re drinking and let me engage you with more retreat happenings, new shoes, Big Thought, daffodils and memorials.  Are you ready?

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