Show 98…The Jemicy & Calvert Initiative: Gretchen Roe


Gretchen Roe

For my first show of the New Year I am delighted to be talking to my dear friend Gretchen Roe, community liaison for theCalvert School.  We are going to be unveiling a new joint venture Calvert is involved in with the Jemicy School for children with reading difficulties.  Gretchen is also going to be sharing with us the good news of her husband’s new job and how she and her family rose to the challenge and uncertainty of unemployment.   Gretchen’s job has her traveling around America to talk at numerous conferences about the Calvert Curriculum and how homeschooling is not purely school at home.  She will re-assure those of us who are a little behind in curriculum selection that Calvert can be started successfully at any time of the year.  With her informative blogs on the Calvert website and her creative webinars, which always have something new to offer, she is there to support you along your homeschooling journey.  Join us for a cup of tea and a slice of apple pie and cream this Friday and listen in to our little natter about new ventures and a tried and tested curriculum.


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