February 11th, 10 – Jake 12

Do we dare feel some cautious optimism here? Jake’s white cells (the ones that fight infection) are up a little bit. Although he is still totally dependent on the various different types of oxygen masks which alternate during the day, the percentage has been reduced a little bit. He is able to be out of the hated plastic helmet for slightly longer, and able to eat just a little bit of soup. This was initially his greatest voiced worry..how would he live if he couldn’t eat?

These all seem like major milestones to us and the mantle of misery and terror over us is lifting every so often just a little. Your support is invaluable and so appreciated. Thank you for prayers and positive thoughts in whatever form, please keep it up, we really do believe it makes a difference.

He still has the same level of infection which hasn’t improved so that’s what we are hoping for next. He is now on a cocktail of drips (10 of which go straight into his heart via his jugular vein) which include all the anti biotics and antivirals that are available so please God one of them will work soon.

He was able to sleep a little without sleeping pills last night which made him feel bit better although he still feels and looks dreadful.

His biggest joy will be to be able to go out to the Dolphin  and order chips and a beer with his brothers and sisters and be Jake again. It seems a long way away, but we are hopeful, and will buy the beer!

Thank you for sharing some of the pain of this with us. Who sent the origami flowers to him? Thankyou, they’re lovely but there was no note to say where they came from. They’re now blu-tacked up on his wall.

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