February 13th, 10 – Jake 13

Thanks again for many kind messages and gifts. You’re all so good at thinking of positive and uplifting things to say, we know how difficult it is and really don’t expect you to keep racking your brains for something else. I’m sure we couldn’t do it.

I’m not sure that we need to keep up this daily bulletin now, things will just gradually get better so please assume they are, and we’ll send you less frequent news unless there’s something surprising to say. I have to go to an internet cafe in South Kensington to send them, which is a pleasant walk through Chelsea, but I’m not sure when and where we’ll be in the next few days.

Jacob is on the road to recovery from this setback. The infection is now under control and his white blood cells are beavering away to help clear it completely. He’s still on loads of drugs to help with this too and is the fount of a thousand pipes and wires but the hated oxygen helmet is possibly redundant now which is such good news.

When we just were beginning to feel that everything was going to be ok, he had a fit in the night last night. This is the second one he’s had since he’s been ill and was not really on our list of ok things to be happening. It seems that just as soon as one problem clears, another one happens, so that means some sort of neurological enquiry to see what caused it.
However he’s still likely to be sent back to Sutton in a day or two, and then home a few days later..probably by the end of next week. It’s hard to imagine how he can be sent home soon when he still looks as poorly as he does, but we hope full recovery will be quick. We have total trust in his medical care which is the best in the world, and on the NHS!

Love and thanks from us all
Cherry and Jonathan and Jake

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