August 9th, 09 – Jake 1
We’re so sorry to deliver bad news in this way, but things have escalated this week with Jake’s health since we got back from India.

What started as a diagnosis of asthma a week ago has ended up with ‘acute lymphoblastic leukaemia’ today and immediate admission to the Royal Marsden Hospital tomorrow, Saturday, where he’ll be an inpatient for a couple of months-ish. We have been given a room to stay in for the duration. every so often we’ll do a sort of shift system to go home and fetch stuff etc… and everything else will just have to go on hold for a bit.

Of course we are all devastated and confused and frightened but are very strong as a family and will all work together with his lovely friends to make his treatment as bearable as possible.

We’ll keep in touch when we can

Love Jonathan and Cherry

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