August 17th, 09 – Jake 3

Jake has been in the Marsden for a whole week now and it’s beginning to feel almost like home.

He is the most amazing boy with such a positive attitude it puts us all to shame. He has had several doses of chemotherapy which don’t seem to have had any adverse effects so far. He still boasts a luxurious head of hair, although he’s had it cut shorter recently. He’s had some truly horrible things done to him which will continue from time to time so please think of him through those. He’s really hoping to find a way of continuing to study part time so that he stays in the same academic year as his friends, but it’s early days to be thinking about that yet. He has sampled the chapel piano and finds he can still do it. (He didn’t want to play or listen to music for the first couple of weeks.) His brothers and sisters have had tests to see if any of them are a match for a bone marrow transplant if he needs one later on.

We‘re still so grateful to have somewhere to sleep with everything we need, washing machine, kitchen etc. It’s quite refreshing to have our possessions whittled down to a very few essentials. It’s also been really lovely to have time to spend with visitors, uncluttered with all the stuff that busies our life at home. When Jake’s friends come we have time to sleep which we seem to have an unending capacity to do.

We won’t be able to go to France for a while so if anyone would like to use our house please let us know and we’ll sort some keys out. It’s a shame for it to be empty and the garden will need weeding!

If you would like to visit Jake please text social secretary Cherry first 07979212948 so that you can have some individual time with him and avoid everybody arriving at the same time. Please don’t come if you have any sort of infection which could be dangerous to him.

Love from all of us,

Cherry, Jonathan and Jacob

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