August 13th, 09 – Jake 2
We hope you don’t mind receiving news about Jake in this way. So many of you kind friends have texted and emailed, that we can’t possibly reply to you all personally every time so at least this will give you regular updates.

Postal address

Jacob Barnes (Patient)
Room 15
Bud Flanagan East Ward
The Royal Marsden Hospital

His (single) room is totally germ free because of the high risk of infection that chemo causes. This means that he isn’t allowed flowers or fruit unless it has a peel or home cooked food, but is allowed to have stuff like drinks and sealed foods (like chocolate in a wrapper). Hospital patient food is good and varied and plentiful.

We have found that email and text messages are particularly lovely, and more private than facebook and he has internet access in his room which is great. Phone calls are often more difficult for a variety of reasons. Texts to Cherry’s mobile 07979212948 usually get answered… eventually.

Everybody has been so kind asking if they can help in any way. We need very little materially, but if you have got any good examples of positive thoughts getting you through difficult times and would like to share them, than that would be really useful to all of us.

If you visit and would like to bring something, then a small but interesting home made salad (or even a boring one) would be gratefully received by Jonathan and Cherry as a change from stodgy hospital canteen stuff. We are trying to keep healthy too! But of course bringing just yourselves would be best.

We really appreciate your thoughts and truly lovely and uplifting messages.

Jonathan and Cherry and Jake

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