April 11th, 11 -Jake 40

Please don’t read this if you don’t like medical details. Just look at the last sentence.

I’m afraid to tell you that Jake’s been in hospital since Tuesday…he couldn’t swallow again so has had to have another ng (feeding) tube put in. He is struggling with horrible depression from too many steroids again like he was before. Steroids which are so essential for reducing the swelling in his neck do all sorts of horrible damage to other things, so his pulse and blood pressure and blood sugar are rocketing as well as muscle wastage in his hip and shoulder joints. This is a very cruel disease. The steroids are being reduced gradually and when they stop he will begin to feel better again.

It’s so sad because he should be on the music course he so loves in Wimbledon this week and he was going to do a piece with the orchestra on Wednesday but he’s too spaced out to do any of it. It’s just so terribly distressing to watch.

If you were planning to come to hear him on the 13th or 17th please check your email first to make sure he will still be able to play.

Love and thanks for your support,
Jonathan and Cherry

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