April 3rd, 10 – Jake 19
Some much happier news at last!

Jacob has been discharged from the Marsden this week with a massive bag of medication but FREEDOM for a while to recuperate from the last 2 hideous months.
He has celebrated in style by packing each free moment with pleasure, meeting friends and family, going to lovely places in London and beyond and sleeping in his own bed (and us in ours too).  He feels better than he has done since the beginning of the year and just watching him behaving like a normal 20 year old is an absolute joy.
However, in the past two days since discharge we have already had to visit A and E for an xray, when his Hickman line fell out, and we had to look for him in London with a bottle of forgotten medicine; FREEDOM is relative term.
His next direction for treatment will be decided probably at a meeting on 12 April, as long as the consultants can agree that his brain infection is under sufficient control to start the leukaemia treatment again.
Happy Easter from all of us, it will be lovely to catch up with some of you again.
Jonathan, Cherry and Jake
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