Show 243…When Life Throws a Curveball: Laura Grace Weldon


Laura Grace Weldon is a poet whose poems have been published, but not the ones she likes.  In a collection called Tending.

She is an author, her new book, Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything, is full of the curative value of connecting more deeply with nature.

She is an artist, a messy one at that, a tincture and meal concoctor both skills demanding courage and a degree of risk from their recipients.  She has deadlines but would rather hide in books or watch foreign films.  Laura admits that complete self-reliance is happily not her goal and farm dwelling allows her to sing to bees, feed cows, preach about hope, acknowledge the holiness of all things and find peace, sometimes.

With her husband and four homeschooled children they raise plants, animals and occasionally Caine in their simple partnership with the natural world.  Her socks have holes in them, the window molding is unfinished, there are muddy footprints by the door, but none of that matters, she and her family are together exploring ways to be themselves using ancient wisdom.

Come and meet this lovely lady again on Friday, bring a cuppa and prepare to laugh while we talk about what happens when life throws us a curve ball while homeschooling!

Listen on Friday at 12 Noon Central


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