Show 245…Marriage in the Homeschool: Tom & Julie Meekins



With me on my show this week, where I believe homeschooling is a unique lifestyle, are frequent visitors Tom and Julie Meekins.  This remarkable couple have a heart for parents raising children with challenges.  In walking the talk they decided to dedicate their professional lives to helping families navigate the scary world of parenting and this week they are going to be talking to me about how their marriage has fared during some of the more trying times of homeschooling. Tom and Julie have been married for 34 years, have four children and in a moment of certifiable insanity chose the homeschooling path and now have four young adults who are doing fabulously.

They both became certified in child development and health coaching and in March 2011 started a company called March Forth Family LLC to help other families needing someone who totally understood the struggles they were having.   Their many blessings and powerful witness allows them to be able educate, equip, and empower parents to reach for the best FOR their children and IN their children while being supported in the process.   Bring your tea and join us this Friday as we explore ways to find the silver lining always on the other side of every cloud.



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