Show 238…Finding Ourselves Within: Peter Kowalke


I am thrilled to be bringing a conversation I had with unschooler Peter Kowalke. a few weeks ago about how Unschooling encouraged him to questioning his life from a very early age.   Peter is a self described, lifelong unschooler whose highly praised documentary “Grown Without Schooling” followed ten unschooled graduates into the world and recorded how they fared in their individual life choices. He lives in New York City and has consulted as a homeschool expert for media outlets such as the BBC, the New York Times, The Times of India and Fox News.  You can find him at Vedanta. and read more about his charity work with The Philia Mission.  Join me this week and listen to this highly motivational conversation Peter and I had about purpose, contributions to our world and human relationships.  That’s this Friday at 12 noon CT.

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