Show 157…Is Illiteracy Usurping the American Dream? Norma Wilt

Norma Wilt was a public school teacher for seventeen years.  As an individual she tried to change the system and came up against certain individuals who do not necessarily have the welfare of the nation’s children at heart.   I am thrilled to welcome her as a guest on my show this week where we will talk about how to create an academic environment in schools and homeschools where our students do not feel inadequate and are inspired to learn.  Norma has written, The System Redesigned, This Time for the Children, in which she challenges her readers to return to a time when learning was successful – when all children read.  If America’s children are to become literate, compassionate, empathetic, happy and productive members of our society changes must occur now.  In the present school system some children are allowed to sit and be less than they are, while others are forced to be more than they can be. In either case they all fall below their natural potential.  Join me on Friday at high noon CT, tea at the ready, for a thought provoking look at illiteracy in our country and where it could take us in the future if we don’t take steps to change the present system.

I’ve had my elevensies, while you weren’t listening, and I’m all set for an hour with you so grab your nice, hot cup of tea, coffee or chocolate and let me enthrall you with words about the homeschooling lifestyle that never leaves, making bingo cards, entertaining a deaf dog, and our windy weather…are we in Chicago?  Here goes nothing!



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