Show 113…March Forth Family: Julie Meekins
  Julie Meekins


Listen to my encore show this week while I work on writing my books.

I look back on my boarding school graduation and the colleges I applied to.

My blue eyed cowboy and I are in London and  visit the newly renovated Kensington Palace and are dazzled.

We attend Robin Gibb’s Requiem for Titanic in Westminster Hall and look forward to our film maker son’s visit from Texas.

Today I am welcoming back one of my first guests from March 2010 when Julie Meekins and I talked about the diagnosis of her youngest child’s CHARGE Syndrome and the positive measures she, her husband and family took to help her daughter progress through the natural development of her body, step by step.

Julie is a certified neurodevelopmentalist and takes a holistic approach to child development.

She has also graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Julie and her husband founded March Forth Family and use their vast experience to help parents with children who have learning challenges big and small.

Join us today for a cuppa as we talk about quirky behaviours, social skills, disorganisation and so much more.

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