Show 197… The Aussie Outback: Rick Turk




Many years ago when my children were still too young to mind about homeschooling a colleague brought me a cassette and picture book from down under called Lizard Gully.  It became an instant hit for the munchkins.  Years later when choosing a song to dance to with my son at his wedding my heart returned to those petal picking critters in the Aussie Outback! During my quest for a more digitally friendly version of the song, I met Rick Turk who composed this popular children’s musical.  Rick agreed to be a guest on my show to talk about his career, one day, and that day has come!  He makes a living doing what he loves most, writing and performing music.  He admits that the key to success in this industry is pure luck.  His parents wanted him to have something to fall back on so he was packed off to University to earn a law degree, which he did.  Music prevailed and between the U.K. and Australia Rick has blazed quite a musical trail.  Come and hear all about it from Rick who lives in Bucketty on the Central Coast of New South Wales with his wife, a recording studio named Big Ears Music, Bandicoots, Wombats and Possums!


I’m drinking a Peruvian coffee and nibbling on one of the chocolate bars I bought from England…  I’m bringing you a special show based around my guest so find somewhere cozy to sit and take an hour away from the bustle of festivities, I’m ready to start so what are we waiting for?




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