April 7th, 11 – Jake 39

Dear friends

The main purpose of this update is to let you know that the Crowther concert on the 17th is at 3 not 4 pm in St Peter’s. Sorry, my mistake.

It’s been a difficult as well as a wonderful week.

Poor Jake has been in hospital again being fitted with a tube through his nose because his lymph nodes in his neck has grown so large they stopped him being able to swallow without choking. This was terrifying for us all and a very nasty experience for him. He has been given huge amounts of chemo and radiotherapy as well as the dreaded steroids to reduce the swelling, which all have very unpleasant side effects. He is the bravest person ever, but you can imagine how awful this has been for him.

Despite all of this, he was still determined to play in a concert of Mozart and Faure piano quartets in London yesterday with members of the Sine Nomine group (ensemblesinenomine.co.uk).  It was a wonderful experience for us and the large group of friends and supporters who came to support it from all over the country.

We are the proudest of families especially as they raised a substantial sum for the Royal Marsden Teenage Cancer Unit. This supplemented a large amount raised by the Maridadi singers last week, which brings the total raised in his name to £13,000 ish, not the £6,000 I guessed before I added it up properly in the last letter.

Our contact list may need revising, it has been ongoing for longer than we could ever have imagined. You may want to be taken off the list or you may have friends who would like to be on it. This may have been too much information for too long. Once we hit the ‘send’ button it just goes to everyone who wanted details almost 2 years ago automatically, so please let us know if there are any changes.

With best wishes for a happy Easter,

From all of the Barneseseseseseseses

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