March 16th, 10 – Jake 18
Dear All,

We thought we would write an update in a different way and give you what we think are the positive things and what we think are the things that still require more time. This is so you can rejoice in one list and hope for improvement in the other.

Positive things:
Jacob is smiling again
Headaches have gone (with help from morphine)
Fits have stopped (with 3 anticonvulsants)
Brain infection has shrunk by 3mm although there is 3cm still to go
We have made trips out every day doing special things that we haven’t done for 6 weeks like going to the cinema, shopping, cooking meals together, going to the dress rehearsal of Janacek’s Katya Kabanova in Trafalgar square , and eating too much in all sorts of different restaurants.
It’s lovely to see the sun again and signs of spring and snowdrops brought to hospital.
Cherry had a lovely mothers day from her wonderful kids in various different forms.
We have become even closer as a family.
Jonathan and Cherry have put in a few hours each at work.
Jacob is beginning to feel much more like himself again, enjoys watching DVDs, playing scrabble, and reading books again.
After not wanting to see or speak to anyone for ages, Jacob feels ready to start seeing friends again
His left side is working better now, and walking is not a problem any more.
The nurses seem to get nicer and nicer and have become more like friends as he gets to know them better.
His lung infection has gone and his breathing is now completely stable
Things left to work on:
The hospital still does not know what the brain infection is, therefore we will have to keep blasting it with drips of every antibiotic under the sun.
We don’t know when we can go home. (You can’t be on a drip at home and pills aren’t strong enough as substitutes)
He can’t control his left hand and arm as he would like, so naturally this gives him big worries about his future.
While all of these issues are going on, his leukaemia can’t be treated.
Jacob feels that he’s not really ‘with it’ yet and finds it hard to remember anything that has happened in the past 6 weeks.
Those are all the things we can think of at the moment, but as you can see, although the negatives are pretty monumental, they are far outweighed in number by the positives. We want to say a huge huge thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family who have offered us such unending support over the past few weeks. We are amazed at the wealth of different ways in which people have helped us.
With love to you all, here’s to good health and happiness and seeing you all again soon!
Cherry Jonathan and Jake
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