Show 10…Hot Cross Buns & Easter: With Friends

I am up to my eyes in the Easter party preparations, but have to get through Good Friday, today, and the Vigil, tomorrow evening before we can celebrate the Risen Christ.  I will be looking at customs and pagan rituals in the light of Christian traditions and touching on a few superstitions that surround today!

This week my theme is Good Friday. I will be sharing with you some customs, legends and superstitions attached to this day. I am also going to read a story that will bring tears to your eyes. My guests are Pamela, my well heeled stranger, who encouraged me to homeschool all those year ago, and a relatively new homeschooler, Melissa, who decided to stick her neck out and go for it! We’ll be talking to you about obedience and the Easter story. Join me as I eat my hot cross bun and drink a cup of tea on this most holy of days on the Christian calendar.

My friend from Liverpool’s Easter traditions are on the cards today so listen below.

Listen now!

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