Show 224…Casting Calls: Andrei Constantinescu


This week my show is the second in a short series of careers advice where I bring on guests from interesting walks of life that may be of help to young people searching for possible career opportunities.  Andrei Constantinescu has always loved film and television.  His mom says he loved television even when he was very little and that around two or three years of age he was quoting lines from shows and recognizing actors.  One of Andrei’s earliest memories is entertaining his extended family with stories and jokes and wondering what else he could do or say to make them laugh.  For as long as he can remember he has known he wanted to be an actor or work in the film industry.  Andrei graduated from Louisiana Tech University with an MA in Theater and started work as an extra on several films, loving every minute of it!  He worked for Glorioso Casting, assisting and coordinating the extras for several projects; he also cast the Principal Roles for some non-union short films and worked as an actor, including a role in “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.”  In the fall of 2009 he moved to New Orleans to cast with Coulon Casting; his experiences there gave him another view of extras casting and paved the way for his future move to Dallas, Texas where he worked for Cast-O-Matic on the FOX TV show, “Lone Star” in 2010.  In the spring of 2011, Andrei was hired to cast the extras for the “Dallas” pilot on TNT and Legacy Casting was officially born.  Now he and the Legacy Casting team work on projects in Texas and Louisiana. His goal is to use Legacy Casting to find and showcase new rising talent and to give other actors a start in the industry he loves.  Come and listen to him speak on my show about his interesting career and how to make show business work for you. Friday at 12 noon Central.

I will also engage you with the latest and greatest from the household of the McNenys where we are enjoying pastoral life in an area where retirees are in the majority, and I will be looking at leaving children behind in education.

Listen on June 6th at 12 noon CT


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