Show 86…The Mama Bus: Jennifer Miller




Are you on the Mama Bus? Do you want to be? Are you giving your children an uncommon childhood? Do you know what a third culture child is? Are you part of the Edventure Project? If any of your answers to these questions are, “you what?” then you’ll want to hear the conversation with my guest this week where I will be dipping my toes into the Atlantic and waggling my fingers in the Pacific with Jennifer Miller, bus driver extraordinaire. Jennifer is passing on her legacy of an uncommon childhood to her four children and everyone else in the world eager to jump on her Mamabus. Jennifer and her husband, have spent the last four years in uninterrupted travel choosing to invest most of their time and money in memories that keep, instead of cars, clothes, knick knacks and noisy toys that rust or gather dust. Jennifer and her lifestyle will razzle and dazzle you and you’ll want to join her adventure, I promise! She and a bus load of eleven children, ranging in age from 2-15 are on the road as we speak homeschooling their way across America without television, video games, internet or fast food! Come and catch them while you can, this Friday, bring your tea and a home made goody and let’s travel.



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