Show 82…If Not College, Then What?: Mike Donnelly



This week I am extending a warm welcome back to a regular guest on my show, Mike Donnelly, from the Home School Legal Defense Association, where he serves as staff attorney and director of International relations. Mike and his hard working colleagues at HSLDA defend both the American and International right to choose how to educate our children. Mike and his wife home school their seven children and he is a frequent speaker and writer on many home school related topics some of which he has shared with us over the years on my show. Today we are going to talk about apprenticeships and vocational paths our homeschoolers may choose to follow instead of college, and tied into that we will discuss the military as a career option. Bring your favourite cuppa this Friday and listen in as Mike encourages us, as always, to be the parents God created us to be and the steps we can take to ensure the blessings and freedoms we have to homeschool now are secured for posterity.



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