Show 46…Over My Shoulder: More Conversations From 2010



This is the last show of 2010 and once again I’m running highlights with live reflections on how the year has unfolded for me, The Sociable Homeschooler. You’ll hear part of my chat with a delightful homeschooler who actually survived and is doing fine in the real world, Laura Lee Ellis; then we’ll relive the explosive times Steve Wolf has with his homeschooling family and finally listen again to Gretchen Roe from The Calvert School. I’ll re-play my story about the difference between British and American English and Kathy, my friend from Liverpool, will put in her tuppenceworth when she comments on her Liverpudlian use of words. Join me on New Year’s Eve and together let’s look back over the year and forward to 2011.




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