Show 45…A Quick Look Back: Conversations From 2010


This Friday I’m running highlights from previous shows with live commentary on how the year has unfolded for The Sociable Homeschooler. You’ll hear my little natter with Mike Donnelly from HSLDA, as he tells us how he helps his wife in the homeschool; we’ll listen in to my conversation with radical unschooling Mum, Lisa Cottrell-Bentley and hear again how Shelby Sharpe clarified the law, once and for all in regards to homeschooling in Texas. I’ll re-play my story about a word I apparently have difficulties with here in America where English is spoken with a Texas accent. We can laugh again with my friend from Liverpool when she joins me for a few minutes to keep me company. Tune in this Friday, Christmas Eve and don’t forget the eggnog!



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